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Good point...

It is generally taken that science is compatible with religious belief because they exist as two separate things, with religion commonly taken to be outside the realm of science. Many, even most, of us believe in 'love,' for example, without being able to give a strict, scientific definition of what we are talking about, when 'God is love,' is a common religious utterance.

When it comes to belief or not in some religious writings, such as the account of Creation or the Great Flood, then science and religion may come into conflict, but a general belief in a Supreme Being is not generally taken to be non-scientific. Really, I think one could fairly say that it is, but it isn't.

Here I am confining my questioning to one area; dowsing.

Dowsing is a practice that is taken by its believers to take place here and now, in the physical realm: An adept at this practice can locate underground water by using a physical device combined with some power of his own in a way that defies scientific understanding. Well, that is assuming that you believe in dowsing, as Doctor Mörner says that he does!

So far, nobody has been able to demonstrate dowsing to a degree that would enable them to claim the million-dollar prize on offer from James Randi, including Doctor Mörner.

The same goes for such things as being able to bend a spoon without touching it, as Uri Geller famously claims to be able to do. No one has succeeded in claiming that million dollars from James Randi.

I don't know about any of you, but if I were able to simultaneously defeat a famous scoffer at the paranormal and to trouser a million of his bucks, I would be onto that like a duck on a bug!

If the good doctor has not bothered to do this thing, well, I am fairly sure that is because he is faking it when it comes to dowsing, and if he is faking it when it comes to dowsing that suggests he might be faking it in some other areas as well. He already got caught with his hand in the cookie jar faking it when giving an address in Moscow; that is a matter of public record.
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