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Question ATPL Ground School New Syllabus Exams Today (AGK, POF and PERF)

I'm normally an observer here on PPRuNe, but today I had to share.

I did my ATPL ground school CAA exams today for Aircraft General, Principles of Flight and Performance. I am quite happy with POF and AGK because both exams were fairly straightforward, and most questions were from the atplonline.gs practise question bank word for word. A quick thing to note though, the AGK exam's number of questions has been increased to 80, but that is not such a big deal.

Performance was a completely different matter. Out of 35 questions only about ten did not involve the infamous graphs from CAP 698. The other 25 were questions on graphs from the CAP, some worth 2 marks and some worth 3 marks depending on difficulty. As a comparison in previous syllabus Performance exams there used to be maximum two or three questions involving graphs from the CAP. Time allowed used to be and is still one hour and there was no way anyone was going to finish all the graph questions in that hour today. There were around 10 people doing the same exam in the classroom and nobody could quite believe what was happening. Out tutor was adamant that there would be no more than two or three graph questions in the exam (information probably based on experience with the previous syllabus), but we got 25 of them. There wasn't a single question on the relationship between Vx and Vy or TAS/CAS/MACH at different altitudes.

I am curious to see if anyone here has done this particular exam before and how many graph questions involving CAP 698 you got and if anyone did it today, how did you find it.
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