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Handflying uncomfortable?

Originally Posted by aeromech3
Try dispatching an airliner with A/P inop (if within the MEL)and see the reactions; for the punters down the back, not a comfortable experience and I am talking hand flying during cruise stages as well!!
Well, I couldn't take our 320's in RVSM airspace without A/P, but if the ship was perfectly fine apart from the A/P, and no other adverse conditions were expected, I wouldn't mind taking it on a short hop (let's say, < 1,5 hrs) below RVSM back to home base for repairs.

And the people in the back, you ask? They wouldn't complain! They wouldn't even notice!

I would refuse to take it on a long flight without A/P and on any flight leaving base, but that would be because I would be worried about my comfort, not the passengers'!
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