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Originally Posted by eireoflot82
""Could the physical sensation of a rapid descent combined with doubt about the veracity of the flight information and the lack of outside visual references simply trick the brain into misreading the situation they were in?

You don't feel descent, only acceleration. You will feel the initial downwards acceleration but once travelling at a steady speed there is nothing to feel.""
You don't feel acceleration but might be sensing the lack of it :

Descending at ~10.000fpm isn't it an aproximate rate of free-fall?
Could you relate this very situation with a 0-G maneuver (on the A300-0G)?

The report says 40 of angle of attack at some point even if pilots are trained to recognize a stall situation (on light aircrafts)
Wouldn't that be disturbing when flying in the "goo" with no airspeed, a pitch up indication, possibly a left bank angle but heading increasing ?

One of the copilot even says to the captain :
"We do not have any valid information..."

With all the workcharge, failures and warnings and wrong infos (speeds) one might become sceptical and "untrusty" over his Attitude indicator.
Moreover, nobody knows what the RH PFD was showing. Even if I tend to think they were both showing more or less identical values
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