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Originally Posted by Checkboard View Post
... or simply being constantly told during training "You can't stall an Airbus." as an absolute statement, reinforced by full back & side stick climbs at the lowest possible speed in the simulator to demonstrate "How the aircraft won't let you stall."
You're forgetting the caveat "as long as the relevant protections are working", which is a pretty important one.

Originally Posted by takata View Post
Now, how training is performed is a different issue.
Agreed - there seems to be considerable confusion here between recommendations made by Airbus themselves versus how those recommendations are filtered down to airline training departments. If what Svarin says is true, then I'd say that's a pretty serious deficiency in that airline's training!

Someone asked me in the previous thread about what I meant by Airbus acknowledging some of the more lurid claims made about the safety aspects of the system in the early days were unhelpful, to which I'll say that their whole training and marketing syllabus changed tack dramatically in the 1990s. Rather than focusing on how easy the aircraft was to fly compared to more traditional aircraft, the focus changed to one of the systems "assisting" the pilot.
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