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Thanks for the AOA post - never flew the bus.

regarding pilot pulling back on the stick with a stall
- seen it but not on an airliner - it is a natural reaction to a falling sensation as is sticking out a hand which leads to a broken wrist.

Re; simultaneous stall and overspeed warnings for the non ATPL holders.
Three pitots and two static sources - depends on timing and sequence of freezing up.

Similar to the Trident crash;
the crew would have faced many simultaneous aural and visual warnings.
it would be very confusing.

The philosophy at the time of the trident crash was that if the stick push fired then dump it as it would be a malfunction.

I can understand with the bus design philosophy of not being able to stall the bus that the crew disbelieved the stall warning.

One question that has not been addressed is whether the horizon on PF side was indicating correctly?

I doubt if we will ever know what the pilots were looking at.

ITCZ 12o heading change - quite normal - it's like flying through a bowl of tapioca with different sized lumps.

hopefully we will one day have 24/7 data links with all parameters including video - I suggested video for sim checks 20 yrs ago and was told why?
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