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Whether the leaks are accurate or not, most folks anticipate a political struggle over BEA's work. Shame. And totally unnecessary. On a basic level, alot of folks here see a flaw in the automatic cockpit, and it has little to do with IT.

On both sides, and very much as you say, neither admits to stark reality. GIGO and FAIL happen. "Confusion", distraction, and boredom happen. It is too apparent that at least in one application, no, philosophy, the way out of the weed patch is forestalled by Corporate and Financial reliance on something that is presented a leetle bit as something it is not.

I think for what it's worth, a good example is the lack of readily available fall back flight data, when the event horizon looms near.


"Excepted very few experimental aircraft, all others, civil or military, be there small or big, are still relying on pitot tubes today because it is the most robust piece (of very simple hardware) available for doing quite well the job required in most circumstances. Nonetheless, it is also known as one of the major cause for aircraft accidents".

NO. NO. NO. If I ever thought that a pitot could kill me, I would never fly.

The one-item ultimate MEL has to be the Operator of the aircraft. Now that can be a hard drive or a hardass, but one cannot be unprepared to aviate. Laying a crash off on equipment needs to be demonstrable. ICE is not unknown, nor unprepared for.