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Presumably there are a fair share of "dolts" in the physics world... however it's rather ironic isn't it? We're sitting here communicating over a massively connected, highly reliable IT network spanning the world, able to message pretty much anyone in realtime, and appear to want to paint the entire slice of the engineering world that make it work (and airplane software, etc - broad-brush "IT") as spotty, big-mac munching, money-grabbing "dolts". Shame on them.

The fact that there are many, many highly educated, professional, thoughtful software engineers, that understand the serious nature of safety critical software (for example - it's not just safety critical s/w) seems to be beyond deSitter - I presume you are bitter for some good reason - maybe Word crashed on you one too many times?

Anyway this thread seems to have seriously lost it's way. Right now we have no evidence that the intrinsic problem relates to the automation. Some here are assuming so and making 'it' (IT) the root of all evil.

Basically I say "bollocks" to that - the days of the open shirted, cigar smoking, "hero"wresting the bucking bronco radial engined monster from the dark skies is GONE.

That is not to say there are not improvements possible - but the Luddites are not going to win.

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