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syseng68k; as chronicled in the "Lightning Empiricist"
Ok, I give in. Looks like I have exposed one of my more anorak
tendencies . Am familiar with Philbrick Research and have seen their
early brick op amps in use, as well as Analog Devices and Burr Brown
parts. And yes, I do buy and read books on early analog computers, as
well as oddball things like a half complete set of Rad Lab volumes. Sad
really, but it's surprising how much of that early work is still
relevant today. The history of electronics and computing can be a rich
source of ideas for modern day designs. For example, embedded systems
with very limited resources.

You probably know this, but if you want to be astounded, take the lid
off an early electromechanical inertial nav system. It's doubtfull if
there are many engineers left in the world now who have the
multidisciplinary skill set to even start to design such a system...
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