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In the press


PARIS - The associations of families of victims of the crash of Air France flight from Rio to Paris Monday wrote to Prime Minister Francois Fillon to express "their deep indignation" about "the conduct of the technical investigation chaotic" and leakage in the press.

Families "you want to share their outrage and deep concern about the chaotic progress of the technical investigation" conducted by the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA), according to this letter which AFP has obtained copy.

"Since the beginning of the operation of data" contained in the black boxes rescued early May off Brazil, "we are witnessing a broad disclosure of information that should remain confidential until the final report and within the strict framework of investigation ".

Families are surprised that these leaks tend to favor the theory of human error and exonerate Air France and Airbus' under investigation as part of the judicial inquiry. "

According to families, these facts "discredit the investigative authority", BEA, and "generate much suspicion on the independence of that body against leaks orchestrated."

The four associations of relatives of victims signed the letter asking to François Fillon "to remind the different actors demands restraint, discipline, confidentiality, justice and ethics to which they would never have departed."

The Wall Street Journal said Monday that the accident of flight AF447 in June 2009 was due to pilot error and poor monitoring procedures.

According to the German magazine Der Spiegel quoted an expert who participated in the analysis of black boxes, the captain was not in the cockpit when the first alarm sounded.

On 20 May, a spokesman for the BEA stated that the investigating agency would publish this weekend "on the factual elements of the flight that will determine the circumstances of the accident, but in no way causes.
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