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Deep stall and flat spin to the end, model

This terminal vertical acceleration and high terminal vertical speed when combined with the positive attitude and low bank of the aircraft is strongly indicative of the aircraft having departed into a deep stall and possibly a subsequent flat spin.
Just to remember: The conditions (mech. damages) of the debris recovered floating seems consistent with a flat spin "heading to RH" (CW as viewing from top)

Exception: Galley "good conditions".

Edited: Please donīt consider what is in blue:

Question 1): Supposing a flat spin til the end. Typically, how many degrees per second? If tail cone separated in flight, was at low height as showed by "concentration" in seabed.
Question 2): Itīs possible (spinning to RH) hit the water slightly banking left? And if the VS detached before impact? LH would drop further?

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