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Centrosphere, under what theory would an accident that happened on a French plane, on a flight from Brazil to France, that happened over international waters in the Atlantic ocean fall under the jurisdiction of a US court? We're not THAT arrogant that we think we should have world wide court jurisdiction.
Yes, it sounds like poor juridical reasoning to me also, but it was attempted. The "justification", it seems, was the fact that the plane had american components. You must be aware that there is an indemnization industry, and in cases like that, lawyers try to seduce people to sue in america due to the widespread belief in Brazil that US courts are more though.

In any case I was just trying to say to infrequentflyer that despite his argument about the "wide international presence" of AB and AF, I think that from the point of view of the brazilian victims´relatives the "forum shopping" should be restricted to brazilian and french courts.
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