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Originally Posted by takata
Second, you'll need a bunch of incompetent designers (for all those unreliable flight envelope protection systems)
No question, these guys are very competent designers, but the more complex the design , the more chance something unexpected and/or foreseen will eventually present, sooner or later.
The flight envelope protection systems are reliable as long as the numerous sensors send the accurate and real information and also that this information is processed as designed by the different computers ...

Originally Posted by sensor_validation
Don't you find the evidence posted by BEA compelling.
Not at all.
Still trying to figure out why the BEA did omit the tracks of IB6024 and LH507 ?!
They have crossed the full red too, but as HN39 wrote much earlier : always keep in mind that the big systems seen by satellites don't necessarily show up like that on an aircraft's weather radar.
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