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@tubby linton
Can we assume that the two bodies recovered were the pilots as why else were their seats recovered?
That crossed my mind too, and I think it is a reasonable assumption since we know two bodies have been recovered with seats, and that two (pilots) seats were recovered. It also fits with the court ruling on body recovery - I had wondered why they proceeded before the ruling (but probably after asking for it). It all makes sense if they recovered the pilots (in case they can get any medical evidence for investigation) but asked the court to rule on the pax + cabin crew bodies.

http://www.bea.aero/fr/enquetes/vol....n12mai2011.pdf (in French) page 10 has a new diagram with locations of major parts.
Many thanks for spotting that, also many thanks to takata for excellent previous work from the videos - now redundant, but you did get the engine numbers right.

I bet a lot of people wants the bodies to establish the right to have a claim against AB and AF. Brazilian law, for example, is a little bit tricky in this aspect,
Everyone on the flight has already been declared dead by an official accident investigation. Even if that isn't recognised in Brazil, then there will be jurisdictions where it is, and AF & AB have a lot of presence around the world - plenty of places to sue them.

Also, as well as the serious practical considerations in raising the bodies, there is a big problem with the wishes of the relatives. Some want them left undisturbed, some want them raised, but clear identification is probably only possible after retrival (and maybe not even then). Whatever they do they cannot meet everyone's wishes.
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