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Browsing again the old BEA reports, I found this quote which should have been taken into consideration much earlier by most of us as for the initial state of the recovered floating bodies, next, enlightnig someway the nuisance of the various rumors circulating from "tabloids" reporting sources:
Originally Posted by BEA first interim report, page 40
1.13 Medical and Pathological Information
Sailors from the Frigate Vent˘se recovered about thirty bodies. A visual examination of the bodies showed that they were clothed and relatively well preserved. All of them were handed over to the Brazilian Navy to be transferred to the Recife morgue.
This would contradict most of the press releases (still today summaries):
1. Many bodies were recovered by the French Navy (about 3/5th by Vent˘se);
2. They were clothed and well preserved;

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