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Microburst2002 - I think Oakape and MountainBear have got it spot on. There is no need to be flexible with the rules. We should always "work to rule." We are not expected to do otherwise and furthermore, we may be unceremoniously slung from the company if we ignore them. We are paid to be anonymous and if possible work in the "black and white" bits of the rules. We earn our money when they are "grey," don't apply because of weather or malfunctions or would result in what we believe to be against our flight's interest with regards to safety. The important bit is whenever we bust the rules, we do so noisily and create lots and lots of lovely paperwork to justify ourselves.

Regarding technical faults, in the past I've left notes for the next crew regarding minor technical faults but I've now stopped. It doesn't do anyone any good. I now try to write up all faults (even the self clearing ones as 'for info.' items) and let the engineers fix/defer or ground, as appropriate.

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