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I second everything eglnyt and Goldfrog have said.

With interviews, preparation is the key. If you prepare well thereís less chance of you ending up looking like a p%$ck.
In my interview there were 3 people. 1 from HR and the other 2 from engineering, a senior manager and an engineer with in-depth knowledge of the systems used by NATS.

It is important to know what these people will be looking for.
The HR representative will be looking to see if youíre a good ďcompany fitĒ i.e. not some nutter who canít work harmoniously within a team. Teamwork is very important.

The engineering representatives will be looking to see how much information you know about the question they have asked you. Do not bullshit them as it will be very obvious. Do not make stuff up as you will end up digging a hole you canít get out of. If you donít know the answer to a question then say you donít know. Honesty is very important and if you are offered a job, you will have to pass a security check.

Find out what NATS does, how it does it and where it does it from. All this information will be on its web site.

Regarding the radar question, a question is only simple if you know the answer. You will not be expected to know everything about radar, but an understanding of the different types and their limitations would be useful.
Any training is likely to take place at the CTC Whiteley Hants.

Best of luck
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