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Yeah I've had a good read through it, but just seeing if I can get any "first hand" info on people who are or who have done it before, website testimonials 9 times out of 10 only show the good points ...

That question isn't too bad, well from my point of view, more because I have an interest for years in radios and scanners etc... I'm sure anyone who has a radar box could give you a good insight on how secondary surveillance radar works, even if they aren't too technically minded, you pick up stuff like this as you go along...I'm pretty sure the answer can it can be as little or as much, technically, as you want it, but you'll be assessed by how in depth you go....

I could talk for a good 5 -10 mins on the difference (probably have to expand it a little for this lol)

anyways, keep the info coming and thanks for the responses people
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