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"Some of ya'll need to put down the Checklists, SOP's, CFS mentality....and accept reality exists and life begins outside the box you build for yourselves with all the artificial constraints you find so comfortable. "

Since you have no idea of the background of various on here, that is a bit of a strong statement, don't you think?
Knowing the background of most....and the influenced thinking created by those within a very structured is a very accurate statement.

Take note some whose background you do not know and probably cannot fathom...agree with the statement.

Combat and the demands it puts upon people to perform unusual acts sometimes puts paid to SOP's, Checklists, and above all....conventional thinking ( that kind we know as being "within" the box...where one is all comfy and safe because one can point to a bit of text and say....see there...I was right!") when reality necessitates taking very real risks that exceed Peace Time rules, SOP's and thus thinking thus putting your cute little ass square on the spot.

Again....when a fellow/lady says they dunnit....say so in the presence of their peers....who know the truth.....I suggest we can accept it happened. They also said it was risky....violated all their rules....but was a necessary effort consistent to the extenuating circumstances extant at the time.

I accept your statement about the weight difference of the 160th's 60's...but then we don't know what Mod's have been made to the aircraft...their fuel state....where the FARP had been established (if any)...and a myriad of other things. It appears there might be an unknown Helicopter type does that play into things?

Perhaps you might consider how your SAS folks get to work....reckon they are limited to standard rules as say an ordinary Infantry Regiment might be?

This is what we are talking of here....some "Hi Speed...Low Drag" folks doing some very interesting work.
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