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Originally Posted by rh200
..., whilst holding the wings level with rudder. We did this for a not insignifigant amount of time.
This is what a pilot of benign equipment would expect. If you didn't actively stabilize the plane with rudder, it would dip over a wing sooner rather than later, much more so in turbulent air. AF447 apparently didn't dip over the wing, otherwise it would have crashed differently into the ocean.

The further aft the CG the less benign an airframe becomes. There was already an interesting discussion in this forum concerning CG and the A330: http://www.pprune.org/tech-log/37719...stability.html

As an adolescent boy I flew single-seated gliderplanes. Pilot weight is the most significant contribution to the trim sheet in those planes. Because I hadn't yet reached the weight of an adult I made some hands on experience with aft CG.

Considering the importance of CG within the flight envelope, outside the flight envelope and during the transition, I was wondering if it would be feasible to make pumping of fuel from the tailplane trim tanks to the mainplane tanks part of the unreliable airspeed procedure ?

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