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Originally Posted by snowfalcon2
I don't really understand this fuss about independent power supply.
Here is what the report mentioned :
..... the lack of data following the power loss on both engines could have severely affected the ability of the investigation to make findings as to the causes and contributing factors to this occurrence.
It is not the only one, the Portuguese had also made an explicit recommendation :
As a matter of fact, I can now read from the FCOM :
The recording system is automatically active in flight (whether the engines are running or not).
Thanks for the information.
It surprised me that (at least in the past) power supply to recorders was apparently dependent on an engine running. I would have thought powering the recorders would be equally important as powering the essential flight instruments and flight controls. Hence my skepticism re. adding a special independent recorder power supply.

The FCOM remark suggests the issue has been addressed. Good
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