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Machinbird, if a piece of aircraft structure necessary for analysis is being raised that has bodies attached to it, what should they do? Scraping the bodies off is likely to be a worse disturbance of their peace than bringing them up as whole as possible and dealing with them with dignity as they are detached from the plane's structure.

Bringing up an unattached body may be a sociologically iffy measure. I hear reports that some want the bodies left at the bottom and some want their loved ones returned for proper burial and "closure". (And, of course, from my own standpoint, I figure I'll be in no state to be particularly concerned about the disposition of my body. I'll have other concerns, either learning to play a harp and sing or greeting all my predeceased friends in that other place. Erm, more seriously I do figure God will have more important things for me to be concerned about than where my body lies. It's up to what my survivors want for their own personal closure.)
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