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Question 1.

Reports indicate that about 25 SEALS were ferried in 2 choppers. Assuming they were flying in from JBAD they probably were carrying a full fuel load. Would it be possible for 2 UH - 60's to carry 25 SEAL's and assume to carry back Dead/Alive Enemy combatants of value?

Question 2.

After one Chopper was downed would it be possible for one chopper to ferry back 25 SEALS, one long dead man, and about 200 pounds worth of computers and hard drives and stuff.

To an earlier reference of a red haired Brit soldier. Well the red hair is from a product called Henna something men in that area typically use to dye their hair and is very common there (still have not figured out why they like the flaming orange color) and the uniform, is attributed to what many free lance security guards and or local cops wear which is a remnant of the culture of the British Raj. (beleive it or not .303 Lee Enfields are also still in use there).
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