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If such a bird has been built and used (at night, like the old sea shadow on the west coast) then Sikorsky (rr Boeing, or MD) has been running a multi-million dollar "black" program for quite a few years, and little to nothing will be said about it.

Such changes as he imagines above (to include the ducting of exhaust as done for Comanche) present non-trivial CG and other structural challenges.

No further comments, as I have an idea that Tourist is on to something.

Is it just me that would love this to be an elaborate hoax from the yanks to throw everybody into a tiz and have the chinese/russions frantically trying to work out why you would have a forward swept stabiliser?

@851: not sure why he suggests 5 blades, and I note that the TRGB on a hawk (S-70 series) is on the right side, and canted about 20 degrees. That pic has it on the left, and not canted at all. With 5 blades on the main rotor hub, my brain tells me one has to retune, for vibrations, the whole bloody design ... the entire cabin has to be retuned. (Achievable, no doubt, but at non trivial cost). Why not stay with 4 main rotor blades even if they chose to go with five on the tail for whatever reason?

That sketch doesn't quite do it for me.

Oh, and by the way, don't US helicopters rotate their blades counterclockwise? The drawing shows a clockwise rotor blade direction.

Not seeing that one as the answer.
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