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@ DJ77 post #582:
Thank you Sir, much appreciated
Seems a good idea to drop & search for another ULB, while they're at it as you said.

@ Bizman posts #572 & #621:
1/ Seen from here, english is (still) the first link on each item since the Apr 29th briefing on the english page. French is first link on every item on the french page.
2/ What's the point ?

@ DozyWannabe post #624 :
Just quibbling, perhaps, but the Habsheim crash killed 3.
/end of off-topic and for your post.

@ MJC2 post #628 :
+1 !
& thanks for the digging work
I assume the original mis-interpretation (also) came for the bad translation of interim report #1 form french to english (at last on this sentence, but there are more examples of "clearly french to english bias" in the report).

@ all, about the recorders reseach, location on the aicraft, technology and so on : you may find it's worth (if not already done) to read the Report from the International Working Group on Flight Data Recovery, 22 December 2009 published by the BEA on its website.
Direct links : French version / English version.
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