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I smell a rat! Is that an EMRAT?

hmm.... :
I did my interview just over 3 weeks ago and thankfully passed. What feed back would you like? I can rattle on here about every minor detail but I'm sure you know a lot already so any area in particular you're looking for?

With regards to the other comments - caution with any move is wise - but EK on PPRuNe can draw out the moaners, like many other companies.

The above is a previous post from our thread starter PRT2010 on the 9th Mar 2011. Must be cooling his heels in recruiting before he starts his course.
The world supply of pilots willing to move to the sand and be FOs forever on a forever changing contract seems to be waning, hence this new advertising approach.
Hope it works.

The Don

Pick a new name next time fella. Ozzie HR lady will not be happy you got found out!
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