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Yes, easy to say, but it brings up a flaw in the Search strategy. At the outset, and as early as possible, the BEA trumpeted, "Intact at Impact". Then the reliance was on ACARS to entertain "Continued Flight" into weather, and all manner of Radar excuses. This is how it must be read. A "Search" must include ALL areas that are possible, even those that fly in the face of the "Reputation" of what are arguably collateral players, pilots, union, Thales, AB, etc.

An upset and lack of recovery is not fatal to an argument that ACARS reception demanded controlled and continued flight after LKP, a situation which fed the biases of AB, AF, the Union, and frankly the heartstrings and prejudices of all who wished at least a fighting chance for our people.

Keeping 10nm away from LKP is (was) inexcusable, boneheaded, and incompetent. No human endeavour can trump Physics, let alone the parochial attitude of those involved. Why again is the DFDR inside the fuselage and not the Vertical Stabiliser ?? Given the "Good Luck" Airbus demonstrates re: the independent ability of the VS to survive horrendous crashes??

Two sayings on the wall. "Nature is relentless in her punishment of those whom are ill-prepared."

"No one deserves applause for doing what they are supposed to do."

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