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Chris Scott
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bearfoil, quote:
"This thread is the most fun
I've had since I quit flying. And fun to me is
confrontational dialogue."


"Too many posters here are puffing nonsense without an understanding of the language."

bearfoil, this thread wouldn't be quite the same without you! Just hope you didn't create as much confusion in the cockpit as you do routinely on this thread...

"A "theorist" is not to be scolded, however, as PJ2 declares, absent a reasonable demonstration of possibility, one holds a theory loosely."

Huh? Oh well, never mind...

On a more serious note:
"If 447 started going down at 0210, and the wreckage is within six miles, she had an average rate of descent of over 6,000fpm at 45+ degrees ND ??"

To descend about 37000 ft from FL350 in a straight line would be slightly over 45 deg flight-path angle, assuming the dense debris is within 6 (nautical?) miles of LKP. Seems impossible unless the aircraft was already stalling at 0210z, which would surprise some of us. But there is also the possibility of a high-speed diving teardrop, followed by a stall at low altitude.

Few of our various cherished theories are going to survive the FDR traces...
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