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Re the 'altered' image.
Sorry to restir the mud....
Does anybody really know the origin of this picture?
All that's obvious so far is that it was "photographed" from a video monitor, presumably on the "Ile de Sein", since it's in colour.
Probably already a digital "photograph".
Then it made its way, via various intermediaries, to what we've finally been looking at.
How many more stages of 'processing' by all kinds of weird and wonderful software did it go through, before WE got a look at it? There are already obvious JPEG artefacts.

The picture does show the FDR chassis quite clearly. What else do you want? Maye there were some human remains next to it.... and if so, kudos to the BEA for publishing the photo without those.....

PS Maybe one of our conspiracy experts could re-position the CSMU in that "grey area" and do a "Capricorn Two" ?
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