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Just one remark about the "galley catering-cannister stowage unit" picture that I posted (#3787). This picture have been posted on a now apparently dead French forum (Eurocockpit). It was said there the latches positions were not conclusive. And perhaps, the box on the top (which position was very astonishing for me if there was a high sea) had been put there when its recovery happened.

And one question: I think I have understood (imho!) that in "normal" flight with AP engaged, moving the thrust levers or the stick (right words?) do get the autopilot off. And then, you have to manually re-engage it to get it again. But what happen if nobody move either of them after automatic disengagement? Is the AP going back automaticly if the a/c "think" the speed indications are right back?

Sorry, if this has been answered before (and thanks to all this brainstorming by knowledgeable people).
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