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Pugachev Cobra;

The ORARO estimate of 0200 is wrong, and it should have been 0204. It was possibly misheard due to accent/static.

The 02:10:34 AOC report will have left the a/c at 02:10:30. When it was generated is not known, but AOC reports have precedence over other ACARS messages and the BEA have stated its nominal time as 0210.

The preceding positions are listed below, and you will note that GS was fairly constant at around 467KTS.

ACARS AOC Positions
0210: 0258'47"N 3035'23"W
0200: 0148'00"N 3108'59"W
0150: 0038'23"N 3145'36"W
0140: 0029'23"S 3222'11"W
0130: 0138'59"S 3258'47"W
0120: 0249'11"S 3336'35"W
0110: 0401'11"S 3414'24"W
0100: 0512'35"S 3452'11"W

The altitude at 0210 when the flight law reverted to Alternate Law was FL350 at 272 +/- 2 KCAS as recorded by the Rudder Travel Limiter Unit (RTLU) which set the maximum rudder travel to +/-7.9 based on the last valid air data.

EDIT :: As kindly pointed out by HazelNuts39 in post #114 below, there are other permutations that will provide the same CAS but with different levels and Mach numbers.

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