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Originally Posted by Svarin View Post
henra wrote :

Why ? Maybe because there was no first upset... Just an unpleasant but otherwise normally manageable UAS... When it is over, back to normal ops, get A/P back on. No need to tell the cabin crew.
If it weren't for the location where the wreckage supposedly was found and the time of the Cabin Vertical Speed advisory in relation to this ACARS message I would absoultely agree with your scenario. Has some merit to it.
However, they would have travelled a siginificant distance in these 3 minutes until 2:13:XX namely between 20 and 25nm. After that they would have to shed 35000ft in a short time and return to where they came from and arrive there at little forward speed. Would be difficult to align with the 2:15:15 as likely latest crash time and the time of the cabin VS message marking probably the passing through 8000ft. This message is transferred directly subsequent to the AFS warning.
Still a possible scenario though..

Looking at the timing of the ACARS Messages again I'm not really sure any more if we are on the right track!?
The failed FPV activation is stamped 211, NAV ADR Disagree is stamped 212 which could imply that at 212 things were not back to normal.
That would not leave much time to re-connect the AP and to lose it completely.
However I have to agree either this sequence could indicate a seemingly 'benign' environment where they simply try to get it back to normal ASAP after a seemingly non-dramatic event or it could be a sign of desperation or we are reading something into this message which is simply not there.

The last point makes me curious if no one on this planet can really elaborate/explain what could cause these ACARS messages / what is the logic behind / what they exactly mean or those who know keep it as a secret
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