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so perhaps another look at the conclusion that recovered victims were necessarily unbelted may be needed
This has been a question I have had since this thread began. The crew had to be aware of what lie ahead of them, visual or electronically, and at that time in flight, historical experience of flying this area, common proceedure would dictate seat belts be on. Yet, from what precious little evidence we have, the question remains unanswered, on or off. Information regarding crew station(s) that we have seen can make a valid argument that they were not on, and that the cabin staff may have been up and about when the event occured. Body recovery however does not necessarily mean that these individuals were not belted in at impact. Paxs leave seats on impact even when belted so I do not believe a defendable conclusion can be drawn from this. Further, reportedly paxs are observed still in their seat at the accident site.
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