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Mr Optimistic posted a message at #9 in this thread, but has subsequently withdrawn it. The question posed was, "Is Svarin's analysis of the ACARS messages accepted?"

With the thread otherwise engaged, potty/lav included, I think the substance of what Svarin had to say in post #3858 and post #3863 in Part 1 of this thread has been overlooked.

In essence, the A/P and A/THR disconnected due to UAS. Cockpit activity is evidenced by -

2:12:10 WRN/WN0906010211 341200106FLAG ON CAPT PFD FPV
2:12:16 WRN/WN0906010211 341201106FLAG ON F/O PFD FPV

Two pages not normally selected in the cruise.

Secondly, the A/P was reconnected 3 minutes after the UAS in what was apparently an unstable situation -

2:14:20 FLR/FR0906010213 22833406AFS 1,,,,,,,FMGEC1(1CA1),INTERMITTENT

possibly causing a pitch up command, a situation around which an Airworthiness Directive was issued this (northern) winter regarding A/P reengagement after an UAS condition.

I think that Svarin is probably correct, and I know that he has meticulously examined each of the ACARS messages and sought rational explanations for all. The answer was found in the "detail".

The CVR will be necessary to confirm what was going on prior to 0210.
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