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Yes, of course, the ACARS that were released to the public. That is not demonstrably untrue, it merely would mean that the repeated ACARS stream broadcast after the antenna interruption by the SATCOM antenna/System had restarted with the first of the ACARS stream we have. (The "Overlap").

I have wondered why we see no activity of ACARS prior to those we have in the public domain. Weren't these released by a whistleblower, and if AF had those streamed by the Fin (VHF) that weren't released, why would they release those? I was given to undertsand that ACARs tx of preference is VHF (cost??). Golly, that is complicated, though, surely if they existed, BEA would release all the ACARS from this flight?

This of course means that 447 was airborne and Txable SATCOM if there was a repeat Tx by the flight. It would certainly allow that the pilots may have taken a breath prior to re-engaging the A/P?? Well, I am certainly beyond my expertise here.