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AV Flyer -
That was an excellent summation of the current situation.

Litebulbs -
We should not forget that Unite and BA have demonstrated the ability to work together for the benefit of the employee and the company. But we should not also defend the indefensible.

BASSA and CC89 chose not to negotiate, had new conditions imposed, and chose to respond by withdrawing from their Facilities Agreement and calling for IA. But instead of fighting their position - found untenable by a court - they chose to personalize the fight. That is why I cannot see this ending until the leadership of BASSA is replaced with a pragmatic, one may even say a business like group more interested in getting a good deal for cabin crew than personal gain or revenge.

Until then, one can only hope that true professionals like Betty Girl, Ottergirl, HiFlyer and Jetset Lady can hold out until their working environment improves.

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