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Litebulbs - I don't think the general management/union negotiation picture is as bad as it seems.

Remember the BA/BASSA debacle is a very extreme example where through poor managment/union communications over many years the two sides developed such a rift and a disproportionate balance of power in favour of the union that a major correction had to be taken by management to restore that balance otherwise the company was sunk.

Look instead to any other more balanced example today where, as we all know, the real power of the strike weapon is in the threat and not in the action. In any reasonable management/union negotiation the balance is better set at the start and management 'hears' the union's message and more often than not a settlement is reached where both sides move forwards still respecting each other before any action is taken.

The BA/BASSA situation is nothing short of bad blood going back decades for which there will be no short-term fix as we can see from some of the old timers' comments on the CC thread - viz. shaking-up/icing FC's beers and general hatred of pilots, disrespect of management's operational change requests, believing to be the most important part of the company, pictures of CEO with red-eyes, "CEO is pants" and "greedy piggy" chants, loutish parties at strike headquarters showing-up in BMWs and thumbing noses at everyone, mob chanting of abusive slogans at crew rest hotels, trashing aircraft crew rest areas, redirecting passengers to porn websites, etc., etc.

If anything, the above highlights perfectly why people generally feel some kind of punishment is in order and why the granting of a bonus and partial restoration of staff travel and disciplinary reviews all really grate. It's also why, when KW granted Unite a 28-day extension, the BASSA mob have interpreted it as a complete and utter capitulation by BA with a 25% pay rise coming their way - they have experienced no other way or lifestyle.

No, this situation has to be brought under control and does not reflect the general management/union negotiation situation in any way shape or form which is alive and working well anywhere else.

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