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Originally Posted by Hotel Mode View Post
Absolutely right. BA have taken the opportunity they were given. Why Unite as the largest uk union didnt see it is beyond my comprehension. This is an example of idiotic union behaviour and opportunism by a company that cant believe their luck. Thanks Unite, none of this would have happened if you had controlled your branch.
BA were not given a chance, they followed through with their plan. There was no luck involved in this at all.

What only the negotiators on both sides will know and we will wait to find out is how an integrated fleet would have worked. Would it have been on the same rostering rules that the existing crew were on, but savings in salary, or the existing crew keep their new salary but new rostering rules?

It would then be down to whether you stay as you are and wither on the vine, or race to the bottom with regard to rostering.

It has been brutal, harsh and ugly, but lawful.
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