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Originally Posted by ChicoG View Post
That is the value that the employer puts on its new staff. "


I think the phrase is "That is the value that the airline industry puts on its new staff".

Wasn't the much bandied phrase "Market Rate + 10%"?
It was much bandied, but as far as I can see, the main crew are at or nearly at the bottom of the pile and this is my point. The employer has been given free hand in setting the terms and conditions of its new staff and that is how it has acted.

You also have a very hard roster with new varieties of combining long and short haul flights and promotion into one position, rather than one or two grades above junior.

Now I understand that the sole reason for this whole process was to make a substantial saving, but it appears on the face of it that they have wrung every last of saving that is possible and within the law.

Still, I do like the hat.
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