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All Swiss citizens are, or think they are, Beamter with vague connections to the Polizei.

I remember driving into a nearly empty public car park, late one afternoon, in Luzern, and instead of zigging and zagging up and down the rows following the neatly painted arrows, wasting fuel, I cut across the end and parked. There was nobody, but nobody, on foot or in a car, who could have been incovenienced in any way. But as I was walking away from the car a little Schweizer busybody was there, pointing at the arrows on the ground and telling me that they had to be followed, 'obwohl Sie Polnisch sind' (even if you are Polish, because we were driving a Polish registered car).

I suspect that if we'd been driving a CH car he wouldn't have done it, he'd probably have called the Polizei who would have stripped me of my citizenship.
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