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Originally Posted by Capetonian
When I pulled in to refuel, he parked his car over at the side, away from the pumps, and started ranting and raving at me in Schwyzerdeutsch for 'zu schnell zu fahren'. As his rant progressed it became clear that he had simply done this out of his civic duty to inform me I'd been driving too fast, he wasn't even headed my way.
Apart from the accent, that could well have been the husband of my cousin.

He was a Beamter with vague connections to the Polizei. He carried a handheld 'HALT - POLIZEI' sign in his car and would wave it out of the window at any motorist that he considered 'offended' him.

It was his duty . . .

gingernut, ani fule kno it is downhill to Cornwall and therefore uphill on the way back.
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