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There was the man in a British sports car who pursued a Bugatti on a white-knuckle drive through the winding roads of the Welsh mountains
This reminds me of the cretin in a 4.5 litre diesel Merc who pursued me half way across Switzerland (from Zurich to Montreux) on the motorways - I thought he just happened to be headed the same way - to tell me I was driving too fast. I was driving a 1.6 litre rented Ford [email protected] or similar and had been doing a steady 135 or so. When I pulled in to refuel, he parked his car over at the side, away from the pumps, and started ranting and raving at me in Schwyzerdeutsch for 'zu schnell zu fahren'. As his rant progressed it became clear that he had simply done this out of his civic duty to inform me I'd been driving too fast, he wasn't even headed my way. He was quite unconcerned by the fact that he'd totally wasted umpteen litres of diesel just to follow me!

Just to wind him up, I asked him in my best High German if he by any chance could speak German! It's a great way to wind up the Swiss (whom I actually quite like but some of them are total dickheads)
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