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I totally agree with you.

I was merely explaining why she was being SO detailed in her task, and that was because she was being filmed.

I expect the little girl had already set the scanner off. They go off if you have something on you that sets them off but also randomly, and if they go off, the security worker is required to do a personal search.


Wasn't it you that posted these words:-

'Neither does Radeng post luridly, he simply rebuts Betty Girl's post in a factual and restrained manner.'

I would have thought mentioning Nazi's, pedophiles, sexual assault and comparing this woman to a criminal was lurid, but I just guess we see things differently.

That's fine though. I only posted because I get frisked up to three times a day in a quite similar way and I felt that she was just doing her job, and that this should be taken up with the US government, her employer, rather that blaming this security worker. That's all.

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