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Interesting development BA's engaging a psychologist.......

I can't quite place it, or the reason why BA should be playing it this way, but I have a hunch that BA's running of the entire matter from the start has been nothing short of professional and legal perfection.

It's almost as if BA is serially documenting its case ready for presentation to a judge who would be unable to do anything short of finding entirely in favour of BA's reasonable and overarchingly considerate behaviour in the face of Unite/BASSA's ill-disciplined thuggishness.

Hiring a psychologist just adds to BA's continuing impeccable record of bending-over backwards to try everything reasonably possible on this planet to achieve a negotiated settlement.

Is BA quietly preparing itself for a 90-day SOSR contract change after all?

Apparently an employer needs to show a breakdown in a relationship between two groups of employees (e.g. strikers and non-strikers) which is harming service delivery and has a negative impact such the two groups may no longer be able to work together (e.g. the frostiness towards each other and BA's customers).

If a psychologist were to determine the situation irremediable then an SOSR contract change could be deemed to be 'fair' under employment law.

But I'm not a lawyer!

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