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If you take out all other factors, then seeing a new fleet of employees on minimum wage plus expenses, when you are either above or a long way above that position, will bring a certain amount of fear for your future. That will be the majority position. There will be some who are at the very top, who will be fearful of far more than that, but it is the majority who count and it will be the majority that will decide the end to this
It has been said before, whilst the printing unions DID get thrown out completely, BASSA are being offered a continuation of their lovely terms for their working lives - I think that's the case?

I've been working for 33 years since I left college (in more than one field) and I have seen so many ivory towers pulled down that when I saw them advancing on the one in which I was standing, my main thought was, "Well I've had a good run" But, it looks as if these folks keep their Ts&Cs and have to work a bit harder? In the middle of the worst recession since the Depression, that is a job that thousands want. To jeopardise all that they have worked for?

That is what I don't understand. YES, I can understand that it's not nice to see new generations coming in on less but that's the case in ALL lines of work, because we in the UK have increasingly overpaid ourselves - now it's time for a market correction.
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