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.... I would let them get on with it but issue a warning to the union members stating that BA considers the action unprotected because of the language in the published reasons to strike specifically linking this IA to the previous and mentioning the possible consequences of taking unprotected action.

I would also put the Union on written notice of the liabilities of their calling unprotected action.

Then I would sit back and see just exactly what happens. I would take the opportunity to see just exactly how many of the CC were prepared to go out on strike under these circumstances which would give BA a much needed calibration of the real current size of the problem (and not the size based on "sending BA a message") remembering that it was down from 4900 to 4400 at the end of the last period of IA.

Depending upon the remaining size of the real problem I would then decide on my next action.

What would you do if you were BA?
Agree with this.

Looking at the way BA has allowed this to drift on with long periods of inactivity (as regards negotiations) whilst building up VCC and Mixed Fleet, I think BA will just try and see it out. BA has had a year to plan for further strikes.

I really do wonder how much appetite there really is for further strikes. There will be a lot of empty promises in those yes votes. Also add that since last year we have 20% VAT, higher fuel prices, inflation, weak consumer confidence...
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