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Hi, Litebulbs

Are we talking about trade union collective power (Unite) or the power of the individual to have an input to working conditions?
No problem with sensible inputs, I'm sure. But surely existing CC have their T&C protected anyway.

If it is Unite power, then they came to an agreement with BA on a deal. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if an open vote (no recommendation) would have happened, but we will never know.
Indeed. Union power seemed to have pulled the plug on that agreement. Strange.

How much did individual power affect the passenger prior to this dispute and how often? If the dispute was settled tomorrow, I get the feeling that many that contribute to this thread would still not be happy. These 6000 potential strikers would still be in employment, so there is a big chance that they will be there for some time to come. Surely you want them to be happy at work, because that is what you will experience as passengers, not their terms and conditions.
Ahhh ... there's the nub of the problem.

Individual CC power may, or may not, have affected the quality of service [or indeed competence or courtesy] in recent years. We will all have a view on that, I'm sure.
Do I want them to be 'happy at work'? Actually, I don't give a sh1t. I pay for my ticket, I expect to get what it says on the box. I'm not in the business of paying money to make BA staff happy.

Let me tell you a tale.
In my mid to late 40s, I was also unhappy at work. I had enjoyed a very successful career, but I felt undervalued. I was largely ignored as a human being ... I was just "office equipment" as far as my superiors seemed to view me.
So what did I do? Did I kick and bitch at the structure that paid me a good salary? Did I deliberately undermine the workplace, or fail to do what I was paid to do?
No ... I left, to do something else that gave me job satisfaction, and at the same time put me in a position where I was recognised as someone who 'added value'.

I gave up a 30-year career. Perhaps those who complain so much about working for BA could consider a similar move? Then the SLF wouldn't have to be cared for by people who clearly don't give a sh1t about the paying punters? It's not a Charity donation, it's a salary for doing the job ... and the existing CC have their existing salaries protected.

BASSA does not run BA any more. Simples.

Sorry if that's a bit hard-ball, LB, but I needed to say that.
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