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Completely Dysfunctional Dynamics Going into 'Negotiations'

The dynamics that exist going into these so-called 'negotiations' couldn't be any more dysfunctional if someone had deliberately made them up. If the current level of dysfunction will even allow the parties to bring themselves to engage - which will, no doubt, be revealed shortly.

We have a so-called 'dispute' over an entire laundry list of specious, ill-defined and fuzzy issues that cannot be definitively described or much less negotiated because the real issue is that of a power-struggle over who controls IFCE's operations that neither BA, Unite, BASSA or CC89 can publically admit is the one true reason.

We have Unite, who has responsibility for negotiations with BA and who has ultimate say on whether IA is called or not but not whether the 'dispute' is resolved and whose General Secertary is using '70s tactics as the only tricks he knows while desperately hoping he appears to be in control in his new job for which only 15% of his members actually elected him.

We have BASSA, who has ultimate say whether the 'dispute' is settled or not but not whether IA is called but whose General Secretary and several key Reps are either on suspension or have been dismissed from their employment (allegedly for engaging in gross misconduct related to the 'dispute' and so far upheld by any ETs) and thus under BASSA's own rules are no longer eligible to be BASSA members let alone executives with negotiatory responsiblilities.

We have CC89, whose position and responsibilities should be identical to those of BASSA but holds an irrational hatred of BASSA and can't bring itself to work with them in any way.

Then we have BA who cannot admit that their only reason to 'settle' would be if either BASSA's current leadership or BASSA itself, as the representative union for the CC, is deposed and replaced as any settlement would simply preserve BASSA's disruptive power into the future. Having gained all the power, and at great cost, BA will not budge until either of the above happens as it simply cannot allow itself to capitulate or relinquish anything now having come so far in such a painful manner and would also be grossly unfair for everyone else involved with the company who has had to endure the unpleasantness.

In the middle of all this are a minority of the CC themselves who, in spite of having had no reduction in their Ts & Cs, continue to vote for IA (even though less that half of this minority would ever take action) because they have this 'bad feeling' that they have been hard done-by (and might be even harder done-by in the future) despite being made an excellent offer, including guaranteed pay rises few others have been offered, and told their future livelihoods will be protected - which is more than just about any other person currently in gainful employment on the entire planet has right now!

Finally we have the truth that BA holds all the cards, and knows it, while Unite, BASSA & CC89 are all on their backs blustering away in complete denial and misguidedly believing they hold any power whatsoever.

Feel free to contribute if I missed anything!


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