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I enjoyed an evening with two friends last night who both work for BA one is a CC the other an engineer. One fired off mail to Len McCluskey to question the outrageous rep/s who used, once again, a period in modern history in an attempt to assert BASSA's determination - this case it was 'KristalNact' - a worse case would have been most difficult to imagine. He asked L McC, without going into specifics, what he thought of Unite being bought into disrepute. I saw the mail he sent and it was well written and something for LMcC to respond to - or he should have done but didn't. As he heard nothing he asked again - nothing. Then we see that LMcC has spat forth some drivel about the strikes and the reps will be at "negotiations for the first time in a year."

How? Holley and his gang of nasty sidekicks will NOT BE ALLOWED TO NEGOTIATE? BA are bound to exclude them - they are sacked! But lets assume UNITE know that. It will be most interesting if the meeting happens without the Chairman (well maybe her) but not Holley who has caused this ridiculous situation.

What I see, and I am sure I am not alone, is that BASSA and Unite truly believe that they have a platform to stand on when the one I see has woodrot and has crumpled to a point where it will support only a few people. Then it will be seen that many of those would not dare to venture onto it and fall into the mire that BASSA made for itself and - them.

The bluster that Len McCluskey uses is of course typical of his idols of the 70's but has no place in British unionism today. Will he learn? I doubt it.
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