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The posts were removed by another (senior) moderator - at the time I was working back from Hong Kong to Heathrow. This happens from time to time, since my employer takes the view that I should occasionally perform some duties in order to justify the many millions of 's that I am paid every month.

If you'll permit I'll use an analogy - this thread (and that in CC) is rather like cooking a casserole meal - we have to try and keep it edible (i.e. readable) and simmering but not boiling. Ingredients are added by contributors, but too much of one thing or another and the balance is lost. Some people chuck in a load of chilli peppers, others regularly add meat: Some simply stir the pot - you get the picture (sorry if this is a bit hard to follow, I'm rather jet-lagged at the moment and will be making another espresso shortly!).

To preserve readability, posts that contribute little, or simply repeat, agree, or generally stir the pot will be deleted. If you choose to take offence, then that is up to you, but using the thread to express outrage is probably unwise. It is also probably unwise to suggest that mods are giving preferential treatment to one side or another. We are in the unenviable position of the police at a demo: Either too heavy handed or too lily-livered - nobody is ever satisfied with the activity. Therefore, in the words of our friends at the Met...

"Move along now please - there's nothing to see here"

Wow! From cookery to coppery in one post - I really need to go back to bed.
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